Global leadership stems from the understanding that our world – cultures, communities, and people – are all connected and of equal worth. It is the realization that at the core, we are all humans and it is our responsibility to work together for a more just and equitable world. At Camp P.U.L.S.E. we strive to empower young people to see themselves as active agents in their own lives and in their communities to better promote the values of respect, inclusivity, and peacebuilding for all.


To achieve this, Camp P.U.L.S.E. provides a safe and supportive learning environment for our students, where they are able to critically examine local and global issues as well as work together with diverse groups of like-minded peers and staff.  

  1. Leadership acumen Recognizing their role as global citizens and accepting the responsibility to help and guide others

  2. Effective communication skills – Strengthening English proficiency while being able to confidently exchange thoughts and ideas with others

  3. Critical thinking skills – Applying what is learnt in the classroom into who they are and how they act in the outside world

  4. Cultural empathy – Developing a greater awareness of the wider world and recognizing the value of learning from diverse people, places, and cultures

  5. Innovative global vision – Taking a proactive approach to reach one’s goals of positively impacting their global community

Our mission is to help young people acquire: